Tioga Undercover Hers Saddle

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Tioga Undercover Hers Saddle

Performance Comfort, Logically Shaped for Women

The defining trait of the Undercover Hers is its sleek profile and wide seating surface.

Purposefully designed with less central curvature to minimize pressure on soft tissues, the flatter base is complemented by padding shaped with varying cross sectional radii gently matching the 3D curvature of the sit-bones.

In natural seating position the sit bones smoothly self-align with this curvature, reducing concentrated pressure. Sit-bones remain enveloped in the sweet spot when climbing or hard pedalling by an upsweep angled tail that prevents slippage.

In unison with the flexible SpyderWeb base, the Undercover Stratum is optimized for extended seated comfort.


  • Rails CrMo 
  • Padding Bio X-Pad
  • Size 280 x 155mm
  • Colour Black

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