Slam69 Workshop

Our Workshop is open Monday - Friday : 9am - 5.30pm
Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays : Closed (Out Riding! 🚲)

Can't get in? Feel free to get in touch,
We'll be happy to stay later or arrange a good time.
Please call or email ahead to book your bike in.
We also offer on-the-spot repairs when possible.

01452 690641 |

Slam69, Unit 2 Pegasus Centre,
Gloucester Business Park, Gloucester
(Next to the Royalmail depot)


Slam69 is the place to achieve your dream build, making tweaks to improve your steed, we'll help keep your bicycle running smoothly.
Our professional workshop creates custom built bikes and hand built wheels,
making hundreds of happy customers over the years.

We Custom build, Service and Repair all types Bikes.
If it has wheels - we can help, whether it's a simple puncture, brake bleed to a complete strip and rebuild.


Workshop Pricing

Bicycle Servicing
Suspension Servicing
Bleeding Brakes and Dropper Posts
Wheel Building
Tyres and Tubeless
Repairs and Upgrades

Bicycle Servicing

Safety Check - £30 exc. Parts
Let’s check everything is safe.
Includes a visual check over, bolt check, adjusting gears and brakes, pumping up tyres.

Dirt Jump and BMX Service - £30 exc. Parts
Check over please!
Includes a visual check over, bolt check, check over headset, bottom bracket, chain and tyres. Advise of any parts needed.

General Service - £60 exc. Parts
Get your bike running smoothly again.
Includes everything in Safety Check. Plus, check over headset, bottom bracket, chain, hubs, tyres and visual check over suspension for wear or leaks. Front and rear wheel true. Advise of any parts needed.

Full Service - £100 Hardtail / £120 Full Suspension exc. Parts
It’s time for a serious check over!
Includes everything in a General Service. Plus, a full strip down. Check over all bearings. Check over frame for cracks or wear. Rebuild bike with all parts cleaned and regreased.

Ultimate Service - £350 Full Suspension exc. Parts
The Bee’s Knees!
Includes everything in a Full Service. Plus, Brake bleed, Dropper Post bleed. Fork lower leg and Shock air can service. Pivot bearings. Full bike wash.

Suspension Servicing

Suspension Fork Lower Leg Service - £60 exc. Parts
Includes removal of fork lowers, check and clean, replace oil, seals and parts if needed.

Suspension Shock Air Can Service - £60 exc. Parts
Includes stripping the shock, checking internals, replacing seals if needed.

Suspension Dropper Service - £50 exc. Parts
Includes stripping down the post and replacing parts if needed.

Note: Some suspension must be sent off and serviced by the official service centres


Bleeding Brakes and Dropper Posts

Bleeding Brakes - £25 (Single) / £40 (Pair)
Caliper and Lever Servicing is available for brakes, just ask.

Bleeding Dropper Post - £20
Servicing is available for dropper posts, just ask.


Wheel Building

Wheel Building – FREE exc. Parts (Parts purchased from Slam69)
Includes a free custom hand built wheel, if you purchase all parts from Slam69.
The wheel will cost just the price of the components; Rim, Hub, Spokes and Nipples.
All wheels come with a free wheel true 4-6 weeks after being built.

Wheel Building - £40 per wheel exc. Parts (Parts supplied by you)
Includes a custom hand built wheel, we’re happy to build using your own used rim or hub. We can calculate and supply spokes and nipples.
All wheels come with a free wheel true 4-6 weeks after being built.

Wheel Disassembly - £5 per wheel
Includes disassembling wheel. If supplying your hub or rim, you can avoid this charge by supplying loose parts.

Wheel Truing - £20 per wheel
Includes re-tensioning your spokes and making your wheel run straight and true.
We can replace any snapped spokes, if needed, spokes range from 50p - £2 depending on type.

For more info on custom wheelbuilding click here!

Tyres and Tubeless

Tubeless Setup - £25 per wheel exc. tubeless valves
Includes preparation, fitting tape, your choice of valves, seating tyre and adding sealant.

Tubeless Tyre Change / Tyre Insert Fitting - £20 per wheel exc. parts
Includes removing and fitting insert if requested then reseating tyre with fresh sealant.

Tubeless Sealant Top Up - £10 per wheel
Includes injecting new sealant into tyre and cleaning valve cores.

Innertube Fitting - £10 per wheel exc. tube
Includes removing your wheel, checking over your tyres and placing innertube.
We also offer slime for added puncture protection, just ask.

Repairs and Upgrades

Repairs and Upgrades - £60 per hour
Minimum labour charge £10. We can quote repairing or replacing any components.

Labour Charges

Hub Service – Front £20 / Rear £40 exc. parts
Removing, regreasing and replacing hub bearings.
Headset Replacement - £30 exc. parts
Removing, regreasing and replacing headset bearings.
Bottom Bracket Replacement - £30 exc. parts
Removing, regreasing and replacing bottom bracket bearings.
Frame Pivot Bearings - £120 exc. parts
Removing, regreasing and replacing frame pivot bearings.

Dropper Post Installation - £30 exc. parts
Installing dropper post, routing cable internally or guiding external cable.
Inner Gear / Brake Cable Replacement - £10 exc. parts
Replacing inner cable.
Accessory / Component Fitting – from £10 exc. parts

Bike Wash Charge - £15

Bike washed with Peaty’s Products.

Full Custom Build - £100 exc. parts
Building a complete bike from components, this can be using new and/or old components. We are happy to supply all parts for your build.