Collection: Hope Dropper Levers

The Hope Dropper Lever.

A High quality CNC machined dropper lever for any cable actuated dropper post that matches perfectly the aesthetics of our Brakes.

The lever rotates on ball bearing for super smooth and precise action with minimal unwanted movement, and features adjustable leverage with a 20% range of adjustment: Increasing leverage provides a lighter lever action and more lever travel, decreasing leverage provides a quicker action with less lever travel. Combined with adjustable reach and fore/aft and lateral position adjustment it makes it easy to get the ergonomics set-up for your preference. 

Dropper Lever Features

// CNC machined 
// Smooth ball bearing actuation 
// Adjustable leverage 
// Adjustable reach 
// Works with the majority of dropper posts 
// Mounts directly to Hope master cylinders via a direct shifter mount for super clean look
// Available in Black or Silver with colour accent options of; Black, silver, purple, red, blue, or orange

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