Tioga Undercover Boost Saddle

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Shaped to Move

The Undercover Boost is uniquely shaped to accommodate dynamic riding styles on and off the saddle. On the saddle, multi-radii padding shaped to reduce concentrated pressure by matching the 3D curvature of the sit-bones in its natural seating position.

Off the saddle, a dropped tail and downward sloping nose stays out of the way when positioned behind or in front of the saddle, and tapered side slaps that are extended for inner thighs to comfortably grip as needed.

In concert with SpyderWeb base suspension technologies and Bio X-Pad cushioning system the Undercover Boost is elevated performance for the dynamic rider.


  • Rails: Chromoly Rails
  • Padding: Bio X-Pad ReActiv
  • Size: 285 x 140mm
  • Colour: Black

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