Surly O.D Crankset Bottom Bracket

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O.D Crankset Bottom Bracket

73, 100mm, Moonlander & Ice Cream Truck (ICT) specific.

OD Specification for 73, 100mm & Moonlander Widths

  • BB Shell Width (mm): 73 or 100 mm
  • BB/Frame Interface: English
  • Bearing I.D. is 24mm
  • Spindle Interface Type: Surly OD , Shimano Hollowtech II

ICT OD Specification:

  • BB Shell Width (mm): 121 mm , 132 mm
  • BB/Frame Interface: PF41 , BB86
  • Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.: 41
  • Spindle Interface Type: Shimano Hollowtech II , Surly OD
  • PF cups are 41mm in diameter
  • Bearing I.D. is 24mm
  • OD bottom bracket comes with telescoping center sleeve for added durability
  • High quality double labyrinth sealed stainless Enduro bearings with corrosion resistant coating
  • 3 additional 1mm spacers are provided to help with chain line and crank arm clearance

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