Sapim Leader J-Bend Silver Spokes

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Best for: Great for budget and utility builds or for when an especially short spoke is needed, such as on Bromptons.

The Sapim Leader is a tough-as-old-boots, plain gauge spoke. It’s not light, it’s not glamorous but it is tough, reliable and great value.

The Sapim Leader is best suited for smaller wheels where weight isn’t your main issue. Trailers, Bromptons and anything with a short spoke will work well and if you want the strongest, lowest-priced wheel going… this is your first stop.

That said, the Sapim Leader is cheap and cheerful. For anything but the lowest-price build, we’d recommend the Sapim Race or any other butted spoke that is only slightly more expensive but offers a much better quality end product.

We’re able to offer these spokes in 1mm increments from 50mm to 310mm.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 14G 2,0 mm (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 431 g
  • Quality: Stainless
  • Strength on middle section: 1080 – 1180 N/mm2
  • Diameter: 14G – 2.0 mm


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