Rohloff Speedhub XL 500/14 - Rear Fatbike Hub - 170x10mm

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Speedhub XL 500/14

Unsure which hub you need? Try the Rohloff Speedhub finder

14 Speed Internal gear hub with Hollow Quick release or nutted type axle.

  • 32H only.
  • XL 170mm Fatbike spaced.
  • Boxed kit includes hub, cables, shifter and fittings.
  • Special 4 bolt Disc fitting
  • 526% range of gears (equivalent to typical 27Speed MTB derailleur system)
  • 14 Individual gears (no wasted overlaps or duplicates)
  • Evenly spaced 13.6% gear increments. (no sudden big jumps)
  • Ability to shift whilst stationary or under load.
  • Super efficient sealed Oil bath mechanism (95-99%)
  • Adjustment and maintenance free over thousands of miles.
  • Gear positions are indexed inside hub, thus negating critical cable tension adjustments.
  • Precision German engineered (in use Worldwide in the hardest of races and regions.)
  • Super reliable, can be used for virtually all disciplines, including Tandem and Downhill.
  • Lightweight - approx 1.7Kg, but replaces a lot of conventional gear components...

Includes 16t sprocket
Disc not included

Unsure which hub you need? Try the Rohloff Speedhub finder

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