Redshift Dual-Position Seatpost

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Dual-Position Seatpost

The patent-pending Dual-Position Seatpost lets you ride a true aero position on a standard road bike, without sacrificing your normal road position. The key to riding powerfully and comfortably with aerobars is proper saddle position. The forward position of the dual-position seatpost allows you to ride with proper aero bike fit on a standard road bike, letting you ride faster and more comfortably. And since you can switch between road and aero positions on-the-fly while riding, you can always choose the best riding position for every part of your ride.

Dual-Position Seatpost Features:

  • Linkage design lets you switch between road and aero positions seamlessly on-the-fly while riding.
  • Choose the best position for every single climb, flat, or descent.
  • Linkage design maintains proper leg extension in both road and aero positions.
  • Saddle moves forward 50mm, corresponding to approximately  4 degrees of effective seat tube angle change.
  • Aero road riding position optimized for proper handling on a road bike.
  • Simple, durable two-bolt saddle clamp allows infinite saddle tilt adjustment and reliable clamping.
  • 16mm rearward setback (road position).
  • Legal for use in all Ironman and USAT Non-Drafting Triathlons (the vast majority of amateur triathlons worldwide).

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