Halo Centerlock Adaptor

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Centerlock Adaptor

If your hubs feature the Shimano Centerlock splined interface rotor mounting system and you want to be able to use traditional 6 bolt type rotors, this simple to use adaptor kit allows you to do so.


Lightweight alloy body with splined interface and 6 fitted stainless pins with a stainless washer and an alloy lockring allows the quick removal of the rotor simply by releasing the low-profile alloy lockring with a standard HG type cassette lockring tool.


  • Material6061 alloy body and CNC lockring, with stainless pins and washer.
  • Hub FittingShimano Centerlock splined.
  • Max hub axle19mm outer axle diameter.
  • Tool requiredHG type cassette lockring tool.
  • Max Torque40Nm.
  • Rotor FittingIS (International Standard) 6 bolt type
  • Rotor requiredStainless IS 1.8mm minimum to 2.3mm maximum.
  • Max rotor size180mm Diameter.



To allow access for the conventional HG type lockring tool, this set is designed to only be used in conjunction with hub axle ends with a maximum outer diameter of 19mm.  (Halo RD2 and GXC hubs are compatible.)


Although they may appear to be very similar - the threads on HG cassette lockrings are different to those on the Centerlock brake lockring threads. Both lockrings use the same HG tool for fitting but DO NOT attempt to interchange HG and Centerlock lockrings - as irreparable damage will be caused to threads and critical brake safety parts will fail. 

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