Crank Brothers Highline Remote Kit - Dropper Lever

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"One of the best remote levers out there". 

There are several differences from other remotes, firstly it will fit left or right and above or below as the lever has a ball joint fixing giving it every position you can need. Secondly the Highline, Fox and Marzocchi posts have the cable connection at the lever, this is so much easier than the type where the cable connects under the seatpost base. 

Finally it will last and works so well. Bit of a no brainer really. 


The highline remote features a unique spherical adjustment, with near-infinite rotation and tilt customisation options, for perfect cockpit ergonomics.

Pivot remote lever allows optimal ergonomic placement
Ergonomic spherical adjustment - 360 degree rotation / 22 degree tilt
Single bolt hinge locking system
Universal mounting system: top / bottom / left / right

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