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Bike Yoke Revive 31.6 125/160/185/213

Check out the Vital MTB's review of the Bike Yoke Revive

The BikeYoke's Revive features a non-IFP design because it is too difficult – if not impossible – to make a reliable design using an IFP.

The Revive only requires two dynamic seals in the hydraulic circuit (RS Reverb, KS LEV and Fox Transfer use four dynamic seals) with those two seals being the ones that are known to cause the least problems in sealing application: The inner shaft sealing and the piston sealing for the lockout mechanism. The highly critical IFP is removed and with it the need of perfect concentricity and finish of the sealing surfaces of the tubes. The lack of an IFP also results in the smoothest action of any hydraulic drop-post on the market.

Even Revive can get air somewhere where it does not belong. This can happen for example, when you actuate your seatpost for a few times, while its upside down. And here is where the patented Revive Reset Valve comes into play: The Revive valve is located underneath the seatpost-head (same as a Reverb and KS LEV for example) and serves as regular air-valve for pumping up the post. However, pushing the Revive valve opens ports between chambers and activates the Revive-function:

Insert a 4mm Hex Key into the Revive hex port, turn it and push down the post by hand. This will automatically reset your hydraulic circuit to “new.” Whenever. Wherever. This can be done within a few seconds and only by the turn of a 4mm Allen key, without even having to remove your dropper post from your bike.

1 set REVIVE dropper post for 125/160/185 models includes:

  • 1x REVIVE Seatpost
  • 1x Trigger-style remote + clamp (this can be swapped for a 2-by remote with integrated clamp on request)
  • 1x Cable housing 1500mm
  • 1x Inner wire 1700mm
  • 2x Endcap
  • 1x Barrel cable clamp
  • 1x Air valve adapter
  • 1x Quick-Reset-Lever

1 set REVIVE dropper post for 213 models includes:

  • 1x REVIVE Seatpost
  • 1x cable housing 1500mm
  • 1x inner wire 1700mm
  • 2x housing endcap
  • 1x barrel cable clamp
  • 1x air valve adapter
  • 1x Quick-Reset-Lever
  • 1x remote (optional)
  • 1x BikeYoke I-spec adapter or Splits Clamp (optional)
  • 1 set titanium saddle bolts and nuts (optional)

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