Collection: Lets get Race Ready! Race Essentials

With racing season well and truly upon us. There are events every weekend this Summer.
We have the spares and essentials you need to carry!

From Innertubes to Multi-tools, Energy Gels to Chain Links we have everything you need to pack in your riding bag.

Innertube - If your tubeless fails or if you puncture your tube
Tubeless Plugs - Save the day by sticking a plug into the hole in your tyre.
Pump and/or CO2 - Whether you've lost pressure or just repaired a flatty.
Multi-Tools or Essential tools - Check your stem bolts, pivot bolts and wheel axles to see what size tools you should carry.
Chain tool and Chain links - Ultimate back up for your chain mishaps, unless you fancy a chain-less run?
Energy - Prepare yourself pre-ride and get an energy boost during, we have gels and tabs!
Gorilla Duct Tape - If all else fails, Gorilla Tape to the rescue. Unexpected Helmet peak repair, Shoe lace repair, Ripped Shorts repair, Broken spoke repair, Snapped Lever repair... you name it!

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