Collection: Identiti AKA

Identiti AKA frames are back this year with even more improvements.

Now with geometry to run both 27.5" and 29" wheels, you can also run a mullet set up for 29" up front and 27.5" on the rear. Business in the front, party out the back.

Including an ADS (Adjustable Dropout System) so you have a built in chain tensioner.
That's right you can run these singlespeed and with gears. There's 15mm adjustment with the tensioner which will also move your brake mount to keep everything perfectly aligned.

Threaded bottom bracket, which in our opinion is the best type. It's reliable and easily replaceable when you need to change your bottom bracket in the future.

Triple bottle cage mount for when you want to add more to your bike, take it on long adventures.

148x12mm Boost rear axle and a max tyre size of 2.6".

You have yourself such a versatile frame, you can switch up your riding styles through the year without changing your frame too.

This years colours are Racing Green and Black Flash.


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