Collection: Hope XCR Brakes

Our lightweight brake now comes with more options for customisation.


The minimal, radially configured, master cylinder maintains our simple bleeding process with its conventional reservoir yet still offers reach adjustment and a new hinged handlebar clamp for reduced weight and easy installation. Lever bushes provide reduced friction and super light lever action all finished with a carbon lever blade.


The E4 caliper utilises hybrid style stainless steel pistons with a phenolic insert. This allows for smoother movement and less maintenance, while still being able to manage high temperatures without heat transfer during extreme use. Supplied with the racing compound pads. They are designed to offer impressive performance straight out of the box with little bedding in required, they are also more resistant to fade than standard organic pads.


The X2 caliper features aluminium backplate pads. and a sleek, low profile crimped connector. A conventional olive is retained at the lever end to allow for easy hose shortening.

Key Features

>> Lightweight minimalist design
>> Carbon blade and titanium hardware
>> Lever reach adjustment
>> Hinge clamp for easy installation
>> CNC Machined from high grade forged aluminium billet
>> The XCR has 10% Power increase over Race Evo lever
>> X2 Postmount and Flatmount Caliper Options available // E4 Postmount
>> Crimped hose design on caliper
>> Rigid CNC'd one piece caliper
>> Lightweight aluminium backed pads for X2 / Green Race pads for E4
>> Compatible with all current Tech 3 shifter mounts
>> Available in Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Orange & Purple
>> Available with black hose only
>> Weights without fluid: 182g for X2 / 236g for E4

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