Collection: Halo Chaos Dirt Jump Wheels

Halo Chaos Wheels and Custom build options available;

Halo Front Wideboy and MT Front Wheels
100x15mm as standard; adaptors are available to convert the axle size.

Halo DJD Bushdrive and Supadrive Rear Wheels 
135x10mm and adaptors included to make this 135x14mm.

Halo MT SS Rear Wheels
135x10mm as standard; adaptable to 135x12mm, 142x12mm and 148x12mm.
The MT SS comes with a small Shimano HG freehub body so you can easily change your sprocket size or run a small DH cassette.


Halo models are supplied by Halo Wheels.

Our slam69built models are handbuilt in our professional workshop using all Halo parts.
We can also add custom colours such as coloured hubs, spokes and nipples.

Or even build these wheel using a another Rim or Hub of your choice.
See more on custom building wheels here.

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