Pedros Tyre Levers

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The Pedro's Tyre Levers are nothing short of a saviour. Made from a proprietary plastic composite blend & featuring a unique chisel tip shape the Pedro's Tyre Levers are award winning & universally loved. The Pedro's Tyre Levers are available in bright yellow and pink making them nearly impossible to lose unless your riding buddies sneak them into their kit bag.

Featuring a unique chisel tip shape the Pedro's Tyre Levers insert beneath the tyre bead with the slightly thicker shape keeping the lever securely in place. This is complimented by the bold shape of the lever and the dual spoke hooks making even the tightest of tyre removal easy.


Tyre Levers with Lifetime Warranty

These levers may be the last you ever need to buy and if you do somehow manage to break them with your superhuman strength, Pedros will happily replace them for you as they offer a lifetime warranty.

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