WTB KODA Saddles - Medium and Wide

WTB Koda Saddles - Back in stock

After a very long wait during the delays of 2021 - delays caused by Coronavirus, Lockdowns, Social Distancing which lead to factories falling behind, shipping container delays, Suez canal blocked for weeks and to top it off delays from the changes at the UK border following Brexit.

We've finally taken in the WTB saddle delivery!

Available in the Steel and Chromoly railed versions; weight is the biggest difference between the different rail options.

Steel: Medium: 315g; Wide: 316g (approx)
Chomoly: Medium: 306g; Wide: 310g (approx)

WTB Koda saddles come in 2 different width sizes; 
Medium: 145x255mm and Wide: 150x255mm
You can measure your sit bone and get the perfect fit for you and most importantly a comfortable fit. After all who wants the butt ache/sores after a long ride?

How to measure your sit bones? Here's an easy way which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Grab some foil from the kitchen (big enough to sit on), place it on your sofa and sit down, lift up your heels to apply pressure down into the chair. Get up and take a look at the foil, you'll see 2 lowest points in the foil for each cheek. Grab a ruler and measure the distance between these points which is your sit bone measurement. Add on 10-20mm onto this to give you your perfect saddle width.


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