Squirt Chain Lube Review

Squirt Chain Lube Review

It's no secret here at Slam69 we love at rate Squirt chain lube so much so it is the ONLY chain lube we stock! Don't just take our word for it though, we asked Team Rider, and Store Regular Liam Crook to review it for us. He switched to Squirt lube  a few years ago and hasnt looked back since. Here's what he has to say about it...

"Chain lube is either a very dull or controversial topic in the world of cycling depending on who you ask. This product is as convenient to use as drip on oil lubes but SO much cleaner! It actively sheds dirt and grit, my mtb drivechains run quietly and cleanly, the drip on wax seems to last well once its bedded in. Do pay attention to initial use instructions for the best results. The first time you apply your chain must be bone dry and utterly clean and free of oil lube for this to work.
But once its on its golden."

Still need convincing? Were giving away a free Squirt sample with every in store and online order!*

(*Whilst stocks last/ offer ends 6th July '22)
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