Slam69's guide to Winter Riding

Slam69's guide to Winter Riding

Snow, rain, minus temperatures…we're in the full swing of winter riding!
Conditions putting you off? Fear not, we have you covered with our Slam top picks for winter riding!

Dirtlej Dirtsuits

It’s no secret were Dirtlej super-fans, the robust onesie really is the perfect winter companion. Durable, waterproof, and breathable it’s our fave bit of kit for riding in the most uncompromising conditions!

Unsure which one is the right suit for you?

Check out our useful guide here.

Waterproof socks

Shoes not drying out quick enough between rides? Wet and cold feet cutting your adventures short or worse, stopping you from venturing out at all? Investing in a decent pair of waterproof socks is a game changer 👌

DexShell use advanced technologies to produce waterproof socks that are remarkably waterproof, breathable and comfortable. The best bit? All their products are engineered to be a durable as possible and therefore they back all their products with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defaults.


There will be nothing brisk about your ride once your riding with Briskers!
With features such as an insulated top soft shell, silicone palm graphics for increased grip, plus integrated tech thread for easy phone use to grab those all important insta-bangers! 

Oh and there available in an array of colours 🌈

What's not to like?!
Whatever your style, we got you covered! 

The Mucky Nutz Face Fender is the lightest and most versatile mudguard available, from just 11g without fasteners. It can be used as a fork mounted mudguard; to protect the face and fork seals, or as a rear fender; to protect your rear shock and/or front mech. Colourways range from super stealth, to reflective grey or a bright colour pop! 

Slicy add a bit more personality with their unique style and creative graphics. The Enduro-DH Mudguard has added lateral wings to ensure maximum protection from tyre spray and debris. It will also protect your fork stanchions, seals and bridge 👌

Mudhugger offers epic protection! 
Keeping mud and crud off you and your bike, without getting in the way of your riding. Designed and made from 100% recycled polypropylene in the heart of the UK.

Glasses or Goggles?

Regardless of your mudguard choices you will inevitable get some mud in your face. There's nothing worse than tackling a gnarly bit of tech, or sending it down a flow trail with a load of mud in your eyes!

Were big fans of Madison eyewear.
Enigma, Crypto and Cipher are some of our fave styles. There are single and multiple lens options available for bright, mid and low-light conditions, making them useful all year round.  

When it comes to goggles, it's got to be 100% 

The Strata 2 model offers premium performance at value. With a near limitless field of view, ultra-thick double layer face foam and a anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens for clear vision this is the essential riding goggle. Replacement lenses are also available.

Operation clean up!

The dreaded clean up after a wet, muddy, winter ride made easier with Peatys! .
Not only are the cleaning products the bomb, but the brushes are on a whole other level 🤩

The Bog Brush: 360 degrees of super soft durable bristles for clatter-free cleaning all over your beloved bicycle

The Detail Brush: Perfect for tight hard-to-clean gaps like suspension linkages, seat rails, hubs and more. 

Drivetrain Brush: Angle your hands away from impact while brushing your chain & cassette to perfection.  

The Tyre Brush: Stiff, stepped bristles to quickly and efficiently bring your tyres back to factory fresh

Squirt Chain Lube

The clean up wouldn't be complete with the one and only Squirt Lube. The ONLY chain lube we stock, and the ONLY chain lube we will use on our own bikes... It's the best, period.

Squirt is a unique chain lubricant it contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life.

Don't just take our word for it, our team rider and store regular Liam says:

"Chain lube is either a very dull or controversial topic in the world of cycling depending on who you ask. This product is as convenient to use as drip on oil lubes but SO much cleaner! It actively sheds dirt and grit, my mtb drivechains run quietly and cleanly, the drip on wax seems to last well once its bedded in. Do pay attention to initial use instructions for the best results. The first time you apply your chain must be bone dry and utterly clean and free of oil lube for this to work.
But once its on its golden."


So what are you waiting for?
Embrace the winter conditions and get out and ride!

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