Our top tips for Night Riding 🌙

Our top tips for Night Riding 🌙

Dry dusty trails are beginning to feel like a distant memory. The rain has started, clocks have changed, and night riding season is well and truly upon us 🌙

Check out our top tips below for night riding…

  1. Stay Lit

    Lights are essential! We recommend using a light on the bars to illuminate the trail ahead as well as a light on your lid to see obstacles and around corners 👌. If you’re going to encounter roads on your route, make sure you have a rear light too so that you’re fully visible to traffic.

    Don’t forget to make sure those lights are fully charged before you go too…there’s always one!

  1. Clothing

    Check the forecast beforehand, make sure you have appropriate layers to stay warm. Base layers, neck wear, winter gloves and even if rain isn’t forecast, we would always take a jacket. If your friends are like mine, then there’s always faff and you can get cold quickly! Plus, you want to stay warm in the beer garden post ride, right?

  1. Know your route

    The woods look different in the dark!
    Grow your confidence and start on trails you know well. Even your local spot that you know like the back of your hand will present fresh challenges in the dark!

  1. Keep your distance

    Leave sufficient space between your riding buddies when descending, it’s easy to get too close and cast shadows ahead of them especially if your light is brighter than theirs.

  2. Be prepared for mechanicals

    Always carry your emergency repairs. As a bare minimum we don’t leave the house without:

    - Multi-tool
    - Pump
    - Tyre Levers
    - Peatys tubeless plugger
    - Inner tube

  3. Have fun, enjoy the ride, and don’t blind your mates!

    Don’t forget to turn those head torches off when stopping for a chat, shining those lights in your mates face are not appreciated, they’re blinding! Beers will definitely be on the repeat offender… Rules are rules!


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