Hope Brake Customisation

Hope Brake Customisation

We love stocking and supplying Hope parts here at Slam69. Hope manufacture in their own factory here in the UK. Designed to perfection and quality built to a high standard. 

Hope supply us with coloured spare parts so you can customise your brakes in almost every detail. Lets get your colour scheme bang on!

You can get in touch, we're happy to put together a quote for you.

Or if you add the parts you would like to your cart and check out online. Just pop a note in the checkout and we're happy to make the customisation changes before sending out your order.

What colours are there?

Hope's main colours are Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver and Orange.
There are a few parts also available in the Team Green colour.

What can I change?

Cylinders / Levers - Reservoir Lid, Lever Pivot, Lever Blade, Adjusting Screws, Clamp

Tech 3 Cylinder Exploded Diagram

Tech 3 Lever Blade Exploded Diagram

Calipers - Bore Caps, 90 Deg Hose Connector

E4 Caliper Exploded Diagram

V4 Caliper Exploded Diagram

 These are the most popular spares requested, but there are more for the other Hope brake versions too.

You can get in touch with us with the details at the bottom of the page, we're always happy to help and offer any advice!


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