Find all 11 speed components that are in stock now!

Find all 11 speed components that are in stock now!

We know the struggle trying to find components for your bike at the moment.

We've gathered all the 11 speed parts currently in stock now in one place to make it easy for you! Stock is live and updating every moment.

Our availability dates are always changing and deliveries are still coming in, so do check back often to see if we have what you need.


A frequently asked question:
Why is no stock available / Why are there delays?

It all started the moment COVID-19 began, all production came to a halt as manufacturers had to close due to the COVID outbreak, factory workers were isolating and the countries were going into lockdown.

Shipping companies all came to almost a standstill due to countries lockdowns, everywhere trying to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and couriers working with a reduced workforce.

Our UK lockdown had everyone back out on their bikes enjoying the 1 hour exercise we were allowed each day. The rise in demand for bikes and old bike parts, from everyone getting their old bikes back out of the shed, was enormous - we struggled to keep up!

Once factories were able to start producing again, it's been at a slower rate due to social distancing, keeping safe with reduced amount of workers. There have been huge delays whilst they catch back up to speed to fulfil orders.

On top of this, another shipping delay has been caused by Brexit, here in the UK we have new border laws which has caused lots of delays, extra fees and some initial teething problems clearing through customs.


Let's just say there is quite a back log and on going delays.
We are receiving stock everyday and we do our best to give the best possible estimated dates for stock coming in. We do highly recommend placing pre-orders for items you will want and this reserves one for you.

Feel free to ask us anything, we are happy to help!

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