CLOSE UP : Halo MT Supadrive Singlespeed Hub

CLOSE UP : Halo MT Supadrive Singlespeed Hub

Halo MT Supadrive SS hub, the singlespeed mountain bike hub.

Utilising the renowned Halo Supadrive system with 120 points of engagement. This hub has near instant engagement the moment you crank that pedal.

The MT SS Hub comes as new in 135x10mm Bolted. However you can adapt this to 142x12mm thru and 148x12mm boost using an axle kit for a simple switchover.

The small HG cassette means means you can run a single sprocket, such as the Halo Fat foot sprocket, a small Downhill cassette and another choice which is gaining popularity, running two single sprockets side by side, this allows you to switch your chain between different riding styles.

Having this small MT freehub really does give you a lot more freedom and ability to switch up your ride!

We offer the hub on it's own, any of the conversions, sprockets and dh cassettes.



We also offer custom wheel building, we can build this onto your own rim. Or a complete new wheelbuild. Here's our most popular choice onto the Halo Chaos rim:



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