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Squirt Lube Long Lasting Dry Chain Lubricant

Squirt Lube Long Lasting Dry Chain Lubricant

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Squirt Lube Long Lasting Dry Chain Lube

The Squirt Lube Long Lasting Dry Chain Lube is a simple and efficient lube that's designed to offer an effective level of protection for your chain in dry conditions. Reducing wear and improving efficiency, this is a great choice for anyone wanting to keep their chain from grinding or chomping at their chainrings.

This liquid lubricant has unique properties that make it ideal for use in any cycling condition. It has been developed to give better lubrication, last longer and keep the chain cleaner over extreme distances for both MTB and road cycling. No degreasing is required.

Squirt is an emulsion that is blended under special controlled conditions from a number of waxes. This process gives it a unique smooth texture that makes it very easy to apply. No separation will take place under normal storage conditions and no clogging of the nozzle will occur.

Due to Squirt Lube's composition, build-up due to dirt does not occur and no grinding paste will form.

Continuous application can be done without having to clean the chain. Excess wax that gets expelled by the chain does not attract dirt, hardens slightly and falls off during riding. Cleaning with a dry brush is adequate. This lubricant also sticks to the chain longer and extends lubrication intervals.

To get the full benefit of the Squirt Experience

  • Do not apply over a greasy chain that has had other "wet" or "dry" lubes on it
  • Degrease first and allow chain to dry
  • Apply a drop of Squirt on each chain roller and don't wipe any off
  • Wait 5 minutes and apply again. Don't be alarmed if over zealous application results in lube to drip from the chain initially

  • Wax based chain lube
  • Ideal for dry conditions
  • Comes in a 120ml (4 fluid oz) bottle or 500ml sizing for workshop quantities
  • This lubricant is not flammable
  • It has an off white colour with a very mild odour
  • Store between 5°C and 35°C
  • Thermal decomposition will only take place at approx., 100°C
  • On skin contact, remove with warm water and soap (Not readily absorbed through the skin)
  • 100% Biodegradable & Solvent Free
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