TSG Patrol Air A Kneeguards

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Patrol Air A Kneeguards

The Patrol Air A knee guard for hardcore bikers features the same tough protection and shock absorption of the Patrol A but with the added bonus of an Ariaprene sleeve, which is both lightweight and breathable.

The pre-shaped pad has an injection molded hard cap for sliding out of slams and surround Arti-Lage padding to absorb shocks and deliver added support to the knee joint.

The pad also stays put while on trails and bail, as it is fastened with comfortable yet secure Neoprene Butterfly straps, top stretch double velcro closure and features Anti-Slip NBR.

In short the Kneeguard Patrol Air A is a lighter, drier and more comfortable protection for bikers' knees.  


  • Hardshell construction
  • Injection molded cap
  • Arti-Lage foam
  • CE certified


  • Pre-Shaped Design
  • Horseshoe Shape
  • Breathable Ariaprene
  • Anti-Slip NBR
  • Lateral Padding
  • Neoprene Butterfly straps
  • Top stretch double Velcro closure
  • Washable (removable foam)
  • Open-back design


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