Syncros FLR DS23 Disc Rim 26"

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FL is an abbreviation for the technical term "Freakin' Light." However, when you hold one in your hands for the first time, your first instinct might be to use a different F-word because these rims are that light. While low weight is always a good thing, it doesn't mean much if durability was left out of the equation. Fortunately with Syncros that is never an issue.
The FL DS23 is made from proprietary S60-niner alloy that is sleeved together for maximum strength. On top of that, Syncros puts every rim they make through their patented True Track Technology process which offsets the stretching and compression that occurs when a rim is rolled into its final shape. The end result is a rim that stays rounder longer and builds up like a dream.
Intended use: XC/Marathon
Brake compatibility: Disc only
Tubeless ready: No
Holes: 32
External width: 23mm
Internal width: 19mm
Drilling: Presta valve
Listed weight: 440g

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