Slicy Sublimistick Essential

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Real beauty treatment for bikes, the Sublimistick Essential is the new Frame protection by Slicy. It provide longevity and brightness to your bike.

Completely universal and flexible, it perfectly fit to any kind of bike.

Adaptable on all frames, whatever the size. Add + or – patches to cover maximum surface.

Includes :

– 3 patches for Down Tube
– 3 patches for  Top Tube
– 4 patches for seat stays
– 4 patches for cables
– 1 patch for headtube

Sublimistick Essential

Features :

– Thickness : 160 micron
– UV protection
– Non-yellowing
– Self-healing property
– Anti-adherent, self-cleaning

Warning : To be use on smooth paint finish. The final rendering will be not perfect on grainy/matte paint with imperfections!

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