(Slam69Built) Hope Pro 4 - Whisky No.9 70mm Carbon Fatbike Custom Built Wheelset

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Note: Site may say out of stock but don't worry, we have parts to build just not built yet due to number of options.

Hope Pro 4 - Whisky No.9 70mm Carbon Fatbike wheel set - Tubeless Ready

Available with Black or Silver Nipples

We've been hand building wheels for over 30 years and have an eye for what's the best in value and componentry so when we were looking at what to offer as a set build we came up with a mix of the worlds best hubs and the best value and weight rims.

Hubs - Hope Pro4 Fatsno is simply stunning.
Key Features

4 Pawl Ratchet with 44 tooth engagement (8.2 deg)
Sealed Stainless Steel cartridge bearings
Machined from forged 2014 T6 aluminium billet
Available in 170/177mm & 190/197mm widths
Standard 6 bolt disc fitting
Larger spoke flange to enable stiffer wheel builds
Unsurpassed reliability
Weight 367g

Rims - Whisky No.9 Carbon 70mm 

Whisky No.9 Carbon 70mm
We believe nothing makes your bike feel faster than good wheels. With improved cornering, acceleration, stiffness, handling and toughness, our carbon fibre, disc specific, rims offer a great upgrade to any bike. We think they're tough as hell too, which is why they are all backed by our 5 year warranty.
  • Matte unidirectional carbon finish
  • 65mm inner / 70mm outer rim width
  • 5.0" max recommended tire width
  • 575g rim weight
  • 30psi max tire pressure
  • 539mm Effective Rim Diameter
  • Includes tubeless tape, valve stem, spoke washers
  • Rider weight limit - 300lbs
  • 5 year Whisky warranty
  • ASTM Condition 3 - For rough off-road riding and jumps less than 24"


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