Sanderson Cycles - Soloist Frame

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It took us some time to add a single speed model to the Sanderson line up as we couldn't decide which of the currently available EBB designs to use as they all seemed to have inherent problems. We decided to design our own with the aim of eliminating the usual creaking and loosening associated with all other current designs. The SSS ebb system utilises a threaded shell and EBB to achieve the maximum contact area and two aluminium lock rings to keep it all securely in place. After extensive testing not a single creak or loose EBB has been found.

Model - Soloist
Material - Double butted Cro-mo
Size options - 16/18/20 inch
Color - White or Red
Weight - 4.8lbs (18 inch)
Head angle -70 deg
Seat angle - 73 deg
Chainstay - 425mm
Top-tube length 16 inch- 22" / 559mm 18 inch - 22.5" / 572mm 20 inch - 23" / 584mm
Head-tube length 16 inch - 3.75" / 95mm 18 inch - 4.125" / 105mm 20 inch - 4.5" / 115mm

Custom CNC machined head tube Ritchey dropouts Head / Down tube gusset Laser cut stainless steel head badge International standard disc compatible UK specific Mud clearance Full length cable routing Forward facing seat tube slot.

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