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Rockstop® is a tough, highly shock absorbing rubberised polymer designed to fit on your MTB rim and protect it from dings, and your tyre from most impact punctures and burping.

The geometry of the cross bridges forces the Rockstop® edges against the tyre sidewall, so that if you hit a rock it's the shock absorbing meat in the tyre and rim sandwich, preventing pinch punctures and rim damage. 

Rockstop® 29" has been designed on a 30mm rim and will suit 23-34mm rims.

  • It's easy to fit.
  • You don't need any glue.
  • You don't need any extra valves.
  • It comes ready assembled.

About Rockstop

Rockstop's parent company Urofoam have been manufacturing polymer mouldings since 1988.

Specialising in shock absorbing components used in automotive, aerospace, sports and a range of other industries, they export 60% of their output all around the world.

Having a manufacturing plant in the English Lake District is not the obvious place for a polyurethane moulding company, but it is a great place for testing MTB components

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