Rockshox Axle Maxle Ultimate Rear MTB, 12x177mm - 217mm / 20mm / M12x1.75 Fat Bike

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Rockshox Axle Maxle Ultimate Rear MTB, 12x177mm - 217mm / 20mm / M12x1.75 Fat Bike

Basic things like axles are often the easiest to overlook. Put one hand on the Maxle Ultimate, though, and you'll be glad we paid serious attention to the finer details. Because one hand is all it takes to remove or install the Maxle Ultimate.


  • Mechanism Internal Cam Hub OLD 12x135, 12x142, 12x148, 12x150, 12x177, 12x197
  • Axle length 167mm, 174mm, 182mm, 188mm, 195mm, 217mm, 229mm
  • Orientation Rear Thread length 20mm
  • Thread pitch M12x1.50, M12x1.75
  • Colour Black
  • Weight (g) 74 Weight Based On Maxle Ultimate rear 12x142 - L174

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