PINION Gearbox - P1.9XR (Buy for Quote)

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transmission type Spur gearing
Number of gears 9
Overall ratio 568 %
Gear steps 24,3% constant
Recommended ratio of
Rear Sprockets (21t/24t for example) to front
Gain ratio in 1st gear (21t/24t) 1,82
Gain ratio in 9th gear (21t/24t) 0,32

Real gears refer to the gear steps of a bicycle transmission that can be optimally used. In derailleur gears, the skewed running of the chain leads to significant losses of efficiency. In addition, when there are two or three front sprockets there will be redundant, i.e. equivalent, gears. A 3×10 derailleur transmission, for example, actually only offers 14 or 15 real gears from this perspective. 

Chain line with Pinion chain ring 54 mm
Maximum input torque 250 Nm
Axle standard Pinion splined shaft
Q-faktor 2 174 mm
Lubrication Splash lubrication
Oil type Pinion gearbox oil 3
Oil capacity 60 ml (2.0 oz)
Temperature range 5 °F to 104 °F
  • Distance between the outer faces of the crank arms at the level of the pedal attachment points
  • synthetic, viscosity 68
  • including lock ring, crank central screws and shift cover with fastening screws
  • including crank clamp screws
  • including fastening screws

Oil change interval every 6.200 miles /
Once a year

Gearbox 3 2350,0 g
Rotary shifter 95,0 g
Crank arms CNC 175 mm 4 434,5 g
Crank arms Forged 175 mm 4 481,5 g
Chain tensioner (Federstärke: 2,5 mm) 5 122,0 g
Chain ring 30t 51,0 g
Chain ring 24t 37,5 g
Gearbox Spider 104 mm 40,0 g
Rear sprocket 26t 37,5 g
Rear sprocket 21t 29,0 g