Odyssey Grandstand PC Pedals

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Tom Dugan's Grandstand pedals are all about feel.

When Odyssey set out to design a new pedal they knew what they wanted and they didn't want to compromise.

Slim pedals feel great because they put your foot closer to the axle which makes it more stable and easier to grip (imagine bolting a block of wood to the top of your pedal and having to balance on that).

Dual concave gives a great feeling for your foot and helps keep you centred on the pedal.

It lets you push the bike in any direction like the concave of a skateboard.

Ergonomics dictate that the pedal should be big enough that your foot sits in the middle of the concave, so the pedal needs to be wide enough for that too.

And of course Odyssey wanted a strong axle. And they wanted it to be affordable.


  • Genuinely Thin Body
  • 17mm at center with uninterrupted dual concave.
  • Foot-sized 105mm wide.
  • Full Size 14mm heat-treated axle with 17mm wrench flats and 6mm broach.
  • Black or Clear plastic bodies with 8 oversize plastic pins per side.
  • Aluminum version with steel pins also available.
  • 9/16" only.

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