Nitecore NPB1 Waterproof 5000mAh Power Bank

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- Battery Type: 21700 Li-Ion battery
- Capacity: 5,000mAh 3.64V (18.2Wh)
- Rated Energy: 3,200mAh 5V (TYP 1A)
- Input: Micro-USB 5V-2A
- Output: USB-A: 5V-2.4A 9V-2A (18W Max)
- IP Rating: IP68
- Dimensions: 26.9mm Diameter x 102.4mm Length (1.06 x 4.03 inch)
- Weight: 105g (3.7oz)
- Accessories: USB Charging cable

IP68 Rated. 2m Submersible. Fearless of the complex outdoor environment. With an outstanding water and dust resistance, the NPB1 remains unaffected after 2-metre underwater submission for 30 minutes, perfect for caving, trail running, maintenance checks and more.

Premium Waterproof Design
- High strength waterproof O-ring on the charging port
- Advanced glue pouring technology to ensure a waterproof environment for components
- Fire retardent PC materials constructed shell by ultrasonic welding technology to offer extreme tightness against water and vapor

1m Impact Resistant
- The solid housing constructed by the lightweight and fire retardent PC materials has an excellent high temperature, scratch and impact resistance to guarantee a long lifespan.

Withstands an extremely low temperature of -10 degrees celcius (14 degrees Fahrenheit)

Next Generation 21700 Li-Ion Batteries
- Featuring long lifespan, high energy density and powerful performance, 21700 Li-Ion batteries were first introduced in the electric car industry and are considered to be the future of cylindrical batteres.
- Equipped with a 5,000mAh 21700 Li-Ion battery, the NPB1 has an enery density of 173mWh/g

Ultra Compact and Lightweight
- Highly portable to be stored in a backpack or a pocket

QC 3.0 Output
- The most common Micro-USB and USB-A design makes the charing process incredibly convenient with a max output of 18W

- Sufficient power for smartphones, GPS, headlamps, headphones and more
- iPhone 11 = 1 Charge

Touch Sensor Power Level Display
- Tap the Touch Icon, and the blue indicators beside the input port will be turned on to display the power level
- 3 Indicators = Approx 100%
- 2 Indicators = Approx 70%
- 1 Indicator = Approx 30%

Multiple Protection Safeguards
- Overcurrent protection
- Short-circuit protection
- Over-discharge protection
- Overcharge protection
- Overvoltage protection
- Thermal protection

Airline Approved Power
- In accord with the UN38.3 Standard with a rated capacity less than 100Wh, the NPB1 can be your best worry-free power companion while on the move.

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