MudHugger FRX Front Race Mud Guard - 26", 27.5", 29"

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Front Race X Mudhugger

The FRX (Front Race) was designed with the help of World Cup and Enduro World Series riders during 2014. Weighing in at only 80g but measuring 450mm in length the FRX provides awesome mud/spray stopping performance without breaking the bank.

With various holes for fitting to different fork braces the FRX Hugger is suitable for all wheel sizes, 26er, 650B and 29er wheel. It also works on Plus wheels with tyres up to 3 inches wide in a Boost fork. For the ultimate protection on your bike add a front Hugger MAX extension.

We are often asked if the Huggers can be fitted to Manitou forks with the reverse fork brace. The answer is yes! By ignoring the reverse fork brace altogether and using extra zip ties on the fork legs the Hugger performs just as well as on any other fork.

General rule is that if you can get your index finger between the fork brace and top of the tyre there is enough clearance to fit to your bike.


Fits: 26", 27.5", 27.5+" and 29" wheels with tyres up to 3 inches wide on a 'boost' fork.
Weight: Approx 78g

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