Identiti Mettle II Frame 2020 - Satin Rich Rust

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Mettle II Frame

Bettered Perfection

The Mettle is our much loved but often abused bike of choice that lives its life covered in mud and used for taking on all day epics in the mountains, uplift days, or just thrashing around. A true workhorse designed to take it all and keep on coming back for more. Its widely become the bike of choice for riders that want to spend more time riding, less time faffing and its just got even better.

Whats different?

Slacker Head Tube Angle | Steeper Seat Tube Angle | Longer Reach on all sizes.

What does this mean? We hear your screaming at your computer. We dont believe in change for changes sake, but if we can make a change for the better, we will. Heres how it helps you

As a combined package all three geometry changes mean that our sat down sizing (effective top tube length) remains almost identical to the previous generation Mettle, yet your mass is more central and balanced between the wheels. But the stood up, foot out, berm slapping sizing - the kind of riding youd buy this bike for - is more confident and ready to get loose when you are, simple.

What else?

Two fresh licks of paint - Satin Rich Rust or Gloss Night Time Navy. 


  • 6000 Series Alloy frame - Mettle = Metal. Be weird if it wasn't, right? 
  • Horst Link Suspension The Mettle is built around a proven Horst link suspension platform, it works, simple. It let us tune the kinematics to provide progression deep into the travel, low pedal kickback and optimised anti squat figures for pedal efficiency. 
  • Metric Shock Designed around Metric 230x60mm shocks early on, we were a first adopter of this superior technology. We also use bearing mount shocks for extra suppleness off the top.
  • Proper Sealed Bearings  Chunky 6902 bearings in every pivot. Reliability is key.
  • Anyone got a 5mm? Every hardware bolt on the frame uses a 5mm hex key. Who needs multitools anymore!?
  • Practical Tyre Clearance Designed and tested in the UK, theres mud, lots of it.
  • Boost axle spacing 148mm back end for stiff wheeled goodness.
  • Low Stand over Thank us later.
  • Tapered Headtube Run a zero stack headset for a fully slammed set up. ZS44 Upper ZS56 Lower.
  • Threaded BB and ISCG 05 tabs Remember pressfit? Weve NEVER put it on a frame because threaded is better.
  • Bonus water bottle mount Drink Water

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