Eclat Unit U-Brake Oil slick

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Back by popular demand…

In case you still like to stop without using your feet, eclat’s got you covered. The “Unit” Brake is a low-profile designed brake, compatible with rear brake mounts only. The Unit is constructed of superior and stronger 6066 cold forged alloy, making it stiffer resulting in a more reliable and better feeling brake setup. Comes equipped with our exclusive Force brake pads and Unit straddle 1pc cable.

Material: Cold forged 6066-T6 alloy


  • Comes with new éclat “Force” female bolt type brake pads
  • Comes with ‘Unit’ one piece straddle cable
  • Sleek low-profile design and strong arms resist flex

Weight: complete: 171g (6.03oz : 0.37lbs)

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