DMR Spin Chain Ring

Product Code: 4919/DMR-CW-S-29T-GN

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3D machined 7075 alloy DMR Spin Standard Drive Chainring disc.

The DMR spin standard drive chainring is ideal to fit to your 19mm crank cranks.

Our DMR COLOUR components are CNC machined, forged for a combination of both for the best possible combination of strength, weight, price and surface finish. The surface finish is the critical element, allowing the anodizing to really shine out.

Available in 20t, 22t, 25t, 27t and 29t sizes.

15/16th internal bore for the crank axle and are supplied with a spacer to fit a 19mm crank axle.

DMR Spin standard drive chainring is designed to run with single speed chains only. 25, 27 and 29 tooth Spinrings are designed to fit ‘Standard’ drive cranks.

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