DMR Moto Digger - 26" / 24" Dirt Jump Tyres

Product Code: DMR-TRD-24210

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Our new DMR Moto Digger wire tyre for dirt jump bikes is designed to get the power down in looser and softer trail conditions. Comes in 24" and 26".

The sharp edged, Motocross style tread blocks of these DMR digger tyres are profiled to dig deep and find grip where other tyres lose it. Staggered shoulder blocks that wrap round the tyre, give powerful high speed, low angle cornering. Dig?

The DMR Moto digger is a dirt specific tyre for looser, softer conditions
- Based on a classic motocross block pattern
- Large volume casing allows lower tyre pressures to be run, gives
- a bigger footprint, more control and ultimately more speed
- Staggered shoulder blocks dig into berms or loose dirt
- Round profile gives predictable high speed, low angle cornering



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