Dartmoor Thunder Rim - 27.5", 29"

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Our new, super-strong and wide asymmetric welded rim for gravity riding. With the 32mm inner width Thunder rim is designed for the 2.35 to 2.6 tires. The asymmetric profile design reduce the difference in the length of the spokes on the right and left side of the wheel providing more equal spoke tension on both sides.
Thunder has a tubeless ready profile design and the rim will keep even the wide tires safe in place at low pressure. Thunder rim is made of 6013-T5 aluminium alloy which is approx. 25% stronger than the standard 6061 alloy.

Important: When building the wheels the flat wall of the rim should be on the drive side for the rear wheel and on the brake side for the front wheel to equal the spoke tension properly. Please check the assembly manual.

Thunder is an asymmetric rim and to calculate properly spokes length in spokes calculator it is necessary to compensate the left and right side flange distance of the hub in following way:
for rear hubs -3.4mm to the left side flange distance and +3.4mm to the right side flange distance
for front hubs +3.4mm to the left side flange distance and -3.4mm to the right side flange distance.


Sizes: 27.5", 29
Holes: 32H
Joint: welded
Outer width: 38mm
Inner width: 32mm
Height: 20mm
ERD: 560.5mm (27.5), 599mm (29)
OSB: 1mm
Asymmetric offset: 3.4mm
Weight: 595g (27.5), 633g (29)

matt black anod.

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