Dartmoor Razor V1 Rear Hub - RHD - 9T (LAST ONE - Un-Boxed)

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Razor v.1

Lightweight hi-end BMX rear hub. 9T driver with patented Q-Lai (Q-Lite) drive transmission technology with 6 double independent pawls located in the hub body. This makes more space inside the driver for the three bearings. Together with two bearings in the body this makes our Razor a really smooth rolling and strong hub. 15mm Cr-Mo steel inner axle machined to 14mm diameter on both ends. Female hollow 3/8 bolts made of Cr-Mo steel (for 17mm wrench or 8mm Allen key). Hub body made of 6061 aluminium. Both push-in cones made of 7075 aluminium. For grinding it is the best to use optional solid bolts. Possible weight reduction when using optional 7075 aluminium axle.


Hub-shell: alu 6061-T6
Axle: female Cr-Mo 4130, heat-treated
Optional axle: alu 7075-T6 with hard anodized surface (spare part, not for use with pegs)
Bolts: hollow Cr-Mo 3/8x24T, heat-treated (17mm wrench or 8mm Allen key)
Optional Bolts: solid Cr-Mo 3/8x24T, heat-treated (recommended for use with pegs)
Cones: alu 7075, push-in (both sides)
Bearings: 5 precision sealed bearings (x3 in driver, x2 in hub shell)
Driver: Cr-Mo 1-pc, 9T
Pawls: 6 pawls design with 6 individual, double springs (Q-lite/Q-lai)
Engagement points: 30
Size: 110x14mm
Holes: 36H
Weight: 423g / 14.92oz. (Cr-Mo axle/hollow bolts) ; 434g / 15.30oz. (Cr-Mo axle/solid bolts) ; 351g / 12.38oz. (alu axle/hollow bolts)

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