L I A M  C R O O K

What bike/ bikes are you riding?
This month... a Deviate and a Smokestone LS Ti-Pin -  a custom design long and slack fatty with a gearbox. Got myself a Smokestone Mr. Harry adventure bike on order too!
What disciplines do you ride? 
Bikes! Have tried them all, mostly go to UK enduro spots to ride trails whilst grinning

Favourite place/ trail to ride? 

Finale Ligure is amazing, also a fan of big mountain point to point trips. In the UK it has to be Tweed valley, closely followed by my local woods.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been riding for about 15yrs, more seriously since about 2011, have been on many riding trips since then, some standout holidays have been point to point trips, through the Atlas mountains in Morocco and a TransAlp epic from Chamonix to Alp d’Huez. The latter inspired me to train as a guide and coach as I love seeing other people stoked on riding. Have dabbled with a bit of racing too, regional and national enduro and DH, about to dip my toes in the hardtail category on my Smokestone
Wheelies or skids?

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