Identiti Mettle (Rental Only) Size - Medium

Identiti Mettle (Rental Only) Size - Medium

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    The Mettle has launched to wide success and were proud to bring it to you in an even more attractive package for 2019. We listen to our customers and reviews, and have adapted the component choices we made to bring even better bikes at lower prices.

    With almost 20 years of experience, multiple national 4x championship wins, and one BMX race world champion, we started a fresh project code named the R01. We spent a long time studying a lot of graphs, but more time riding, racing and analysing our prototypes. 3 years of testing, refining and repeating all boils down to what we show you today. A product well worthy of carrying the Identiti name forward into the rowdiest trails you can find.

    At Identiti, we all ride trail bikes whenever we can, shredding loamy turns, because thats what puts smiles on our faces, so the development process was focused around what we want. A fast, capable and fun bike thats rewarding to ride hard.

    Why Metric Suspension? Another standard, yeah, we know. But seriously, we chose Metric because it adds characteristics to the bike that we just couldnt achieve with historical shock sizing. With the new Metric shock sizing the Mettle is optimised around tomorrows standards, making it future-proof. Metric offers the smoothest and most supportive performing suspension we have ever felt, but also the most reliable. By using a 230 x 60mm shock platform, we can take advantage of more bushing overlap inside the shock, which really improves performance when pushing the bike hard. Were so confident with how well the bike pedals that we havent ever felt the need to reach for that little blue compression adjuster to firm it up for climbs, and we think youll agree.

    Theres 15% progression to the leverage curve, with the ability to add more volume spacers, so you get full support when diving deep into rock gardens. We also made sure that the frames Boost rear wheel spacing allowed us to increase bearing distances at the main pivot for increased stiffness when railing turns. A proven Horst link design allowed us to fine tune to the characteristics that we wanted providing plenty of support and anti-squat figures suited for optimal pedalling performance.

    Simply put, weve taken advantage of new technologies to offer what is the best bike we have ever made. Built to take a hammering. Day in. Day out.

    Being our most popular demo bike we've added our own bling! The bike is complimented by Orange Hope components, brakes and hubs.


    Brand : Slam69

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