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Huck Norris The Puncture Prevention Ninja

Now available as a single strip for one wheel 

Tubeless tyres are great, allowing you to run lower pressures for more grip with less chance of a puncture. However, it's still possible to get those pesky pinch flats, especially if you ride rocky trails or are a more aggressive rider. Worse still, you don't want to be putting dings in those nice new wheels of yours...

What you need is Huck Norris!

Huck Norris is the fellow inside your tyre to fight off the Bruce Leaks. It also scares off the Snake Bites and Nasty Dents. Its also your buddy to inflate the tubeless tyres to give extra kick to the tire when you want to punch it to your rims.

Based on a similar idea to the foam-lined, run-flat tires that have been used in rally car and motorcycle racing, Huck Norris puts a light foam band inside your tyre that adds extra security while letting you preserve the better ride quality of thin sidewall tires on even the most technical trails.