12G – 56tpi – Brass Nipples – Silver

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12G 12mm – 2.6mm 56 tpi – Brass Nipples – Silver.

These nipples will only work with 12 gauge 2.6mm spokes cut to 56 tpi.

Nipple hole size: 5.2mm

Spoke Key size: 4.4mm

The main benefits of Sapims alloy nipples are of a weight saving nature. Alloy nipples are commonly these are made of the 2000 series aluminium which is comparatively weak. They can deform during the build, they can corrode with the elements and seize up to prevent re-truing. Sapim’s alloy nipples are made out of 7075 aluminium which is stronger and more fatigue resistent. It also has a special anodized coating which resists corrosion. The new coating also means that these nipples require no lubrication. They are squeal free during the build. They also retain the weight saving advantages over brass. Sapim are confident that their alloy nipples will actually out-last their brass versions as they held up better to salt water tests. Sapim alloy nipples can also come in different colours if you wish; green, gold, purple, black, blue, red and silver.