WTB Koda Steel Saddle

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This awesome saddle is perfect for bike-packers and off-road adventurers as it delivers all-day comfort and a reliable shape which everyone can enjoy.
Carrying you from the streets to the trails, this versatile component features a short nose which provides seamless on and off transitions.
This makes it incredibly easy to climb aboard and begin your next adventure while its slightly swooped profile gives you something to lean on.
Engineered for performance, this superb version's generous open channel spreads your weight evenly around your perineal area, so can benefit from pressure relief on long-distance rides.
This makes it a perfect choice of upgrade for riders who want to explore further than ever before.



Cover Material: Microfibre
Shell: Flex-Tuned
Rail Material: Steel
Padding: Dnax Padding
Use: MTB, Cross Country
Dimensions: Medium: 145x255mm; Wide: 150x255mm
Weight: Medium: 315g; Wide: 316g (approx)

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