Gusset Sleeper - No Flange Grips

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Sleeper - No Flange

Noun: Sleeper; Plural Noun: Sleepers

An object that appears normal on the outside but performs far beyond expectations; this is not just another Mushroom grip.

Taking what we knew about the classic ribbed pattern grip we looked on how to improve it: using the best available premium materials we made the grip soft for better feel, hold and shock absorption. From extensive testing and experience we have developed the grip to be 147mm in length and 30mm in diameter  with the option of a flange or not and in 9 colours.


  • Classic Ribbed Pattern
  • Premium materials
  • Soft 15A VexK3 Compound
  • 30mm diameter
  • 147mm length, Easy to cut down if needed.
  • 9 colours – Black , Blue, Red, Green, Orange , Yellow, Pink, Purple and Aqua
  • Black End Plugs Included

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