The FAT division of the Slam69 Bicycle Shop

Graham Foot, Owner of Slam69.
"FATBIKES, what can I say, I love these things. Having ridden mountain bikes for nearly 30 years, I thought I'd seen and ridden it all and then, the FATBIKE arrived in my life. From day one the fat bug got me. As I have said I’ve been riding a few years and like a lot of people I found myself getting a bit tired of the same old thing, but then I discovered FATBIKES and a whole new world of off road cycling has opened up".

Developed to ride on snow the FATBIKE is aimed at riding on soft terrain, but the open minded cyclists out there soon realised they coped with everything just as well as any other off road bike, in many cases better.

Early designs were aimed at the adventure rider but now with the mtb world showing interest, and front suspension becoming the norm, a new breed of Fatty is emerging, slacker, more speed and better handling, the 2015 Fatties are set to change the whole mtb world.

Simply put a FATBIKE will do and go anywhere you can pedal, roots, rocks, wet or dry are easy pickings, lines you never thought possible, off-camber, mud, sand, snow, dust, will become possible.

Of course the most common question is how do they pedal? Well just the same as any mountain bike, no slower, no heavier, but you will find yourself doing things you hadn't considered before. Climbs become fun! Yes you will develop the ability to go up things you previously thought out of bounds. All of a sudden going slow becomes fun, technical, previously impossible routes can be chosen.

But most of all, they are bikes for everyone and will put a massive smile on your face.

So all that's left to say is why not give one a try, we offer hire bikes for £30 per day (Subject to a full deposit for the value of the bike on a credit card, which is refundable on return, also 2 forms of ID) Should you wish to buy a bike we can knock off your hire charge from the value of the bike.

"we offer hire bikes for £30 per day"

Importantly don't be fooled into buying any old fatbike, like everything out there, there's good and bad designs and specifications. Feel free to come in and pick our brains. We Ride Fatbikes, so know what works and what doesn't.

We also stock fatbike gear, clothes, bags, tyres and so on with more coming daily.

And finally and most importantly we organise rides, either from our shop in Gloucestershire, or trips away.

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